UK Radon Association: Celebrating 10 Years!

UK Radon Association: Celebrating 10 Years

We are celebrating 10 years of UK Radon Association!

Throughout our 10 years as an association, we have worked hard to raise awareness of the dangers of radon gas and provide support and information to our members and the general public. UKRA members are made up of companies who are dedicated to the highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of radon measurement and mitigation.

UKRA started in 2013 with only 5 members, all of whom wanted to create an active industry association. Through the growth of the industry and development of the association we now have 27 trusted members working alongside us. A huge thank you to all of our members, both old and new, for their continued support over the years.

2016 saw the launch of our bi-annual Radon Symposium, inviting industry members to learn about the latest radon research projects, updates in policy and developments in radon testing and mitigation techniques. We’ve now held five successful Symposiums, including a virtual event in 2021 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have welcomed speakers and delegates from across the world to our Symposiums, and look forward to our largest event yet, planned for 2025.

In addition to our Symposiums, in 2015 UKRA founded the UK Radon Awareness Week campaign in effort to spread awareness of the dangers of radon gas to the public. The annual campaign occurs in November to coincide with the international Lung Cancer Awareness Month and European Radon Day (7th November), and each year UKRA releases easy-to-understand material in a variety of formats. Animated videos, press releases, infographics, radio segments and live on-street interactions are just some of the ways we’ve been reaching people with information on radon.

A recent survey we conducted as a part of Radon Awareness Week 2023 however showed that just 10% of the people we asked know what radon is or where it comes from, and almost 70% of people thought more could be done to raise awareness, meaning we still have plenty to do as an industry*.

Radon Awareness Week 2023

Our most recent campaign has been picked up nationally by MSN, “Silent killer in our homes cause 1,000 lung cancer deaths a year”,  advising the public about the risks of radon and noting the definite cause for concern.

During 2023 many of our members have seen a significant increase in radon testing enquiries, and this is in no small part due to enforcement action by HSE on employers who are not compliant with radon risk assessment legislation.  In July, HSE prosecuted an employer for failing to protect staff from radon gas, and the regulator has issued numerous other Notices of Contravention to employers across the country.

UKRA was also a founder member of COIRA, the Coalition of International Radon Associations which brings together the expertise from trade organisations across the world, so that we can learn from others and share best practice for mutual benefit.

We look forward to UKRA going from strength to strength as the industry grows, and welcome applications for membership from any organisations involved in the field.

For more information on radon gas aimed at employers, householder, landlords & tenants and house buyers & sellers please explore our Guide to Radon.


*Independent survey of 3532 people conducted in October 2023.