Radon Research Papers

Below you will find extracts from a selection of research papers relevant to radon. The full papers are available from the UK Radon Association, please contact us forĀ further information.


Solving the conflict between basement waterproofing best practice and radon management in the United Kingdom
Martin Freeman, 2014

Cellar conversion and new basement creation is widespread in the UK where basement living and working is frequent. All basements are at risk of elevated radon levels regardless of geographic location. In 1999 a landmark Court ruling altered the approach to waterproofing, steering designers and contractors towards the use of internally fitted drained cavity drain membrane systems. Based on air-gap technology, these membrane systems are not appropriate for gas proofing; in part of continental Europe their use is specifically discouraged for that purpose. The author set about resolving the conflict between good waterproofing practice and radon gas management in basements, producing a successful solution.

The paper explores the background of UK basement use, the key points of the landmark judgment and subsequent code of practice for below ground waterproofing. This code of practice now requires radon to be considered in waterproofing design and implementation, but overlooks how this might be achieved. The paper describes the process that was developed to solve the dilemma and illustrates with case studies.