Better Indoors (Registered Trademark for Healthy Indoor Environments Ltd)

Better Indoors is a specialist and highly experienced indoor air quality and ventilation retrofitter and solutions provider. Over the past decade we have surveyed and installed in over 10,000 properties all over the UK from the Channel Islands to Scotland.

We are SafeContractor accredited and perform survey, measurement, specification, supply and installation services to public and private sector customers covering domestic, commercial and industrial indoor air quality requirements and problems/concerns. Our installers hold all the requisite qualifications and registrations covering all relevant Parts of the Building Regulations (beyond Part P) and statutory Health and Safety requirements.

Our radon services include mapping, testing/measurement, mitigation design, solution specification, installation (primarily negative pressure/sump and/or positive pressure ventilation) and maintenance/servicing.

Our solutions routinely reduce radon levels, in many cases from many thousands of Bq/m3, to below Domestic/Commercial Action Levels and usually below the Target Levels.

Our patented air disinfection technology that can be integrated in our positive pressure ventilation units creates an extra layer of protection throughout an entire property by continuously disinfecting the air and surfaces and stopping the spread of all types of virus and bacteria including COVID-19 whilst deactivating and eliminating odours, mould spores, pollens, traffic soot and other organics and particulates.

Over the years we’ve built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and value for money as evidenced by our reviews on Trustpilot, and MyBuilder.