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Lucion Group is a purpose-driven company, dedicated to protecting people from hazardous environments and protecting the environment from the impacts of people. Our name, Luc (to illuminate) / ion (to take action), reflects our mission, to shed light on challenges and take action.


Through our Group of companies, we facilitate the sustainable development of clients across 12 key sectors worldwide through risk mitigation services.


To assist our clients at every stage of their asset lifecycle journey, our Group works as three industry verticals: inspection, providing hazardous material testing data analysis and surveys; assessment, a conductor of physical onsite investigations including geoenvironmental and geotechnical studies; and advisory, offering environmental, sustainability and consultancy services.


We provide a basic Radon Awareness course to our Clients which consists of the following topics: What is Radioactivity, Radiation and Radon? Health Effects Exposure Legislation – Radon Risk Assessment (assessing and measuring exposure) and Mitigation.


Our group of companies encompasses:

Lucion Services

The UK market leader for accredited hazardous material testing, surveying, and consultancy. Providing trusted holistic environmental services to commercial clients across multiple sectors.


Multi-disciplinary environmental health and safety consultants, providing trusted advice and solutions for sustainable development locally and internationally.


Delivering comprehensive and cost-effective, trusted radiation protection services to a wide range of industrial and non-industrial companies.


Established specialists in a holistic suite of value-adding topographical survey services to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients nationwide.

Ground Engineering

Specialist provider of ground engineering services, providing site investigation services and geotechnical testing.

Midland Survey Ltd

Providers of trusted, modern surveying services to multiple sectors including infrastructure, commercial,  and the public sector.

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